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Ethics & Philosophy

Our company is built around people, not profits. We value relationships and honesty. Our vision is to support the farmers and cultures from which our excellent coffees are born. Thus, we like to have the knowledge that as we start our day with a hot cup of quality coffee, our friends in Central America, are sleeping soundly because they have the knowledge that their labor has been respected, admired & rewarded. Because of this, all of our coffees are Fair Trade from small holder farms that work hard to improve their farms, their lives and their communities.


We are enthusiastic, die-hard coffee lovers. Not only do we not like the taste, or the idea of any chemicals in our favorite beverage, but we would never tolerate it! So, we insist on all of our coffees being 100% organic from start to finish. We have found that this not only safeguards our health, but also the rich flavor and complexity of our truly artisan coffees.


We love coffee, ardently, passionately – it makes us happy, it makes us able to embrace life. And because of this, we are devoted to single origins, high altitude grown, high altitude roasted dark coffees. There are no low level, light roast blends here. We are also devoted to the abolition of being afraid to face yet another morning…not with Valler Coffee at your side!


Whenever you are give our labors the benefit of your company, you are encouraging sustainable growing methods, fair trade, and the continuation of centuries of artisan pride. Because coffee tastes better with a clear conscience.



Welcome to vallerCoffee.com

Ever since we first went online with Valler Coffee in 2015 we have desired to have a portal for all of our loyal patrons to visit and be able to gather information that would enable them to brew the perfect cup. You’ll now be able to accomplish this here with us on our new site. In the upcoming weeks please keep checking in to learn more about subscription programs,  brewing techniques, coffee health information, where to buy Valler Coffees, and how we have partnered with Montana Fly Co. to offer a gift packaged bag with a MFC fly attached to every bag in the gift line! Come back and see us soon!

Join Us For An Adventure In Every Bag…

What Makes Us Legendary

  • Our commitment to quality and taste.
  • Our commitment to your health.
  • Our commitment to fair compensation and lives for our farmers.
  • Our commitment to the soil and the trees and the bees.
  • Our commitment to doing the right thing.
  • Our commitment to kids.
  • Our desire to have a relationship with our customers.
  • Our honesty, reliability and transparency.
  • The fact that we live, work and play in Montana.
  • We are a family owned, family run, family roasted, family written, you know… family everything company.

PO Box 1141, Lincoln MT 59639


4500 Dalton Mountain Road, Lincoln MT 59639


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